Where 2 buy Hardware 4 trading desk (southern Ont/Toronto area)..Matrox products, etc

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  1. Newbie here...I'm in the process of figuring out how my @ home trading desk will look like. I'm figuring anywhere's from 3-7 monitors. Although I will be beginning with 2 for the time being.
    I am in the Toronto/Goldenhorseshoe region. Does anyone know where I can go in person to shop for products made by Matrox, and also anywhere to get LCD monitors relatively low in price; along with any hardware related to trading in general....
    ...looking for Ontario (canada) traders who may have some answers to some stores or outlets....Future shop/Best Buy just are not a good source for traders to get all the bells and whistles..
    ...any online links also would be helpful...
    ...thanks in advance
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    Staples has the LCD mounts.
    Check out the system integrators in China Town, they usually have more toys than your local Future shop or Best Buy.
    (Markham has more choices. You can find them tuck away in small strip plazas. Mississauga should have some too. )
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    Check Tiger Direct www.tigerdirect.ca , they have a store across the street from Sherway Gardens in toronto. I have purchased from them some stuff and the price is competitive most of the times.




    As far as I know, they don't carry matrox products, but I believe you can order ATI FireMVs from them, if you are looking for a quad monitor card. There are many other options for dual monitor as well.
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    check eBay for cards.
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    I bought all my monitors from tiger direct, all my vid cards on ebay. Ergotron has a canadian distributor in Ontario for your monitor stand.
  8. great info guys!...someone mentioned about an area (street) in Markham having a lot of tech stuff...
    ...also, a salesman at Staples mentioned about checking out the College/Spadina area in Toronto where a cluster of stores are located together...i'm figuring Markham has a similar 'tech alley'??
    ...anyone know about such an area(s) to shop for tech stuff?
    ...will check out tigerdirect store in etobicoke...got some info off the net on their whereabouts...
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    there are many outfits, most of them are small, and they are quite spread out.
    best is to first check them out online.
    Email them with your shopping list and see if they can give you a good quote.
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