Whens the best time to trade Gold Futures?

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    Im not sure I completely understand the way the Gold contract works. Im talking about the 100oz cBOT specifcially.

    It seems like the volume ramps up well before the open of the US stock markets. Is this true? If so, when is the best time to begin trading Gold.

  2. The "optimal hours" are defined by the New York pit-----8:30am to 1:30pm EST.
  3. busiest is 7:20 to 12:30 central
  4. the best times are when you are most comfortable trading gold

    ( or any financial instrument )

    for example ... I sometimes do not trade so well

    when the markets are spiking up or down like crazy
    intraday ... as it is harder for me to scalp or arb
    in my usual style
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    Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for.

    Can you comment on busiest times for crude oil and nat gas?
  6. You can just open up your charts and look at the volume or volatilyt levels to tell you when most of the activity is occurring.

    Sounds like you don't have access to Gold nor Crude charts.

    A golden rule with most futures instruments is that the most active (busiest if you want to call it) is the first 1.5 - 2 hours after their regular open hours.

    However, on trading days where there's key market events related to a particular trading instrument...

    Those time durations (whenever the event occurred) can be the most active and volatile in comparison to the entire trading day.

    These key market events usually produces very fast moving trading conditions and is not suitable for trading if your a beginner trader or new to a particular trading instrument.

  7. Good post Mark, agreed. When the euro/usd is moving gold is too since it's a hedge against the declining dollar for many.
  8. what are the busiest hours to trade 6E,what are the busiest hours to trade CL,what are the busiest hours to trade GC,what are the busiest hours to trade ES?????

  9. ==================
    MR SPOT;

    Having traded gold, silver, spot silver, spot GOLD ... FOR DECADES;
    USING THE front month [or volume contract] for price/printed candle chart/data . I dont completely understand everything about any of those markets, & never will...:D LOL

    But then again, watch this for 7 years, 72 hours a week;
    its called ''trend following''
    not ''trend figure it all out.'':cool: Note those different names!!

    Good thing I learned to trade... spot silver,spot gold, silver , gold NOT using a $250,000+/silver contract. Futures are great for hedging , even though Barrick [Gold]lost a bout 2 Billion bucks hedging gold futures contracts. And thats a great co; not a stock tip.LOL

    All of us started out ignorant;
    leverageing ignorance with a derivative gold contract is most ignorant of all-hope this helps,that wisdom helped me a lot. Again to re-peat, repeat, do print/ponder many gold silver [front or higher volume] daily, weekly, monthly...contracts.
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    once again in plain English,can you?
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