whenever you think there isn't money to be made...

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  1. just go to the yahoo message boards and you'll find plenty of messages like this one:

    "Yeah, I was in a store the other day. The sales guy didn't have the time of day for me, so I figured he must be VERY busy (good sign, right?) Also, the guy SEEMED really happy, so I bought 50,000 shares at $6.50, expecting a blow-out quarter.

    Now what should I do? The quarter hasn't even been announced yet, and I have a margin call.

    I was thinking of going back to the store and asking the sales guy if he was still in good spirits, but I am afraid that if he's in a bad mood, I might have to sell the stock and take a loss. In the meantime, I am cashing in my IRA to cover the margin call.

    I am open to any advice you can give me.

    By the way, do you think I went to the right store (Ridgedale in Minnesota)? Which store should I go to get the BEST indication of how the quarter is going? Also, is one store enough? Geez, they have so damn many of them. I don't have enough time to go to them all...I only get 3 weeks of vacation a year.

    I really could use some help on this one from anyone, really...."
  2. There are a lot of stupid people in the world ...
  3. lol
  4. Only in America...
  5. Next time try black or red and let'em spin the wheel for ya. :eek:
  6. I feel soooo much better about my trading day today!!!

    Thanks for the thread.:D
  7. I thought I was the dumbest, but it seems there is always someone dumber. Dang!
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    try turning the light switch to the "ON" position


    I thought Faster Pussycat's journal was going to be the funniest thing I read this month. ( O.K.....it still is, but this was really good also.)
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    I think this qualifies for the "dumbest trader" award
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