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How much is fair price for a course

  1. $100-$400

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  2. $400-$800

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  3. $800-$1200

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  4. $1200-$2000

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  1. When do you plan to stop trading? when you make a $1,000,000? $2,000,000?
  2. 1) 1-0-0-1? :confused:
    2) The correct answer is (E), $0. :cool:
    3) To have a fixed, upside target regarding overall profitability is bad because you're focused on it instead of trading in the present moment. :(
  3. I think E is the correct answer as well.

    Courses with Easylanguage code and a profitable system included with it are hard to come by, and most choose to market their strategies based on books they write for courses, then cross-sell the strategy when it is only the profitability of the strategy that matters.
  4. I plan to stop strategy trading until after I have made $256,625 per day for fifty years.
  5. Brilliant minds think alike, "Bee Wo". :cool: