When your trading is going awry, you cannot blame.......

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by zdreg, Apr 12, 2022.

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    Well you can blame them, it might actually be their fault.

    It just wont do you much good.

    Although having said that, if you came to realise that HFT broke your edge then you can adapt. So looking for the root cause of recent poor trading results might not just be your poor discipline and psychology it could be that the market have changed due to external factors and your approach no longer works as well as it used to.
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  3. Neither should you. Sooner or later you have to adapt. Nothing works for ever. That also goes for James Simons.
  4. I have never had a bad trade (yet) that I can blame on anything but the numbers game or me being phenomenally greedy/stupid.
  5. A fundamental truth of trading is that one must take full and complete responsibility for both failures and successes.
  6. No one, in my opinion, is to blame. Because the forex market is so volatile, traders must modify their techniques to stay afloat. Even I am prone to changing my strategy in response to shifting deals in the forex market.
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    Highly agreed! Strategies should be changed when they don't work out.
  8. When your trading goes wrong, you can't blame the trading platform; instead, you should pay attention to your trading strategy and keep track of your previous trades' mistakes so you can learn from them. This is a mindset that I believe that every trader should have when it comes to trading.
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    As traders, we can not certainly fight the odds of the market but we can take certain measures to minimise the losses.
  10. And if you don’t adapt, you will be wiped out. The market will always be your competitor.