When YOUR job is shipped abroad...

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    ...you'll say, "hmmmmm.... me and my 98 buddies earned $100,000 a year and now we're out of the job market. My boss got a $1,000,000 increase for this. As a result, the average American income went up! That's GOOD for America! Hooray!"
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    As a software developer, my type of job has been shipped abroad, and I'm sure my salary has already been somewhat impact cuz of it.

    But you know what, I don't care. Why does Joe Shmoe in the US deserve the job more than Joe Shmoe in China, India, or Brazil??? If a guy in India could do my job better/faster/cheaper than that guy deserves the job, and I should be doing something else.

    Do you enjoy the fact that you can buy cheap clothes/electronics/toys/etc??? Its free market economy that makes it all possible.
    Are you willing to pay more for all the goods you consume?

    Because thats exactly what trade barriers/ stopping-outsourcing will do.

    Think about the farming industry...We only need half the farmers that we currently have; yet we subsidize them to produce less than capacity because we're afraid they'd all go out business.
    So whats better for the country:
    A. 100 farmers producing to half capacity
    B. 50 farmers producing at full capacity and 50 people doing other types of jobs.

    Obviously the answer is B since it leads to greater economic output.
    The only problem is it takes short term pain (the displaced ppl need to learn new skills) to get there.

    The type of short term pain that ppl whine about and congressmen try to prevent from happenning, which leads to policy that is great in the short run (a few years), but harms the country thereafter
  3. This has been occurring for the past 7-8 years.
    Have you asked yourself or other "experts" in the field, why, after all of this time, this outsourcing hasn't affected OTHER professional fields much at all...like accounting, law, medicine ?
    Also, are you aware that government-related jobs have been "protected" as well ?
    This is "fair", right ?
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    America is to greedy. I am all for u.s. jobs being outsourced to other countries in the future of the country.
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    it's only a matter of time..as i said long time ago-any serious dental work cost way cheaper, if done in eastern europe by dentist, certified in US, with equipment and materials same or better, than you can find in most US offices. round trip tickes are included.i know a lot of people, who done this already, including my wife.

    even with existing communications accounting,cs can be done online very easy, using something like skype.in fact -skype already rolling in such service.
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    Well, some of those are service positions, and others require a knowledge of the local laws; which makes them harder to do offsite.
    However even in medicine, things like examining x-rays/ct/mri are actually now done offsite and its just a matter of time until that goes overseas (if it hasnt already)
  7. I mostly agree to your core concepts despite my company having done big labor outsourcing.

    IMO here's the variables, the language barrier and the quality of work. It all comes down to customer satisfaction.
    If the quality of work and the same ability to communicate to customers (if needed for the task) is present then go for the cheaper labor. If not you owe it to your customers to do whats best for them.

    My company has outsourced and MANY of the OSP (off shore providers) are lacking in technology knowledge and the communication is a bitch due to the language barrier. I have to listen to resellers and var's bitch about the issues day in and day out, so for my companies choice I don't think I agree with it. And for the record we went with Philipino labor where their English is better than India.
  8. When the unemployment rate stops being under 5%, then I will worry. We have produce spoiling in the fields because Americans "don't want this kind of work."
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    Yep, free world alright... I'm just glad my auto mechanic job can't go abroad...

    Then agian, you never know...

    o well...
  10. can you say.....DING...FRIES ARE DONE

    Keyser...you have a bright future here at McDonalds....welcome aboard!!!!
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