When your automated stops are selling the low, I'm taking the other side for K's!

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Uncle_Ho, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Automated vs. human execution, let the battle begin.

    I like being able to execute off my own intuition, I trade with stops, but the stops are in my head so I dont pay up a point or two whenever I get in and out.

    Thanks for letting me take the edge every time automaters!
  2. What do you mean by "the edge"?

    Haven't you heard of mean reversion? And you're trying to start a discussion between discretion and automated trading? How can you talk about something which you have little idea about?

    How do you know that the other side of the trade is an automated bot? Are you one of those:

    Losing trader >>> Can't program or develop models >>> Blame loss on Automated Systems.

    Losing trader >>> Is a retail trader, no idea about institutional trading >>> Blame institutional traders.

    Losing trader >>> Little knowledge about markets. >>> Reads book on trading psychology. >>> Blames and concludes that trading is psychological. >>> Stops learning about the market and starts metaphysical psycho-babble shit.
  3. edbar


    Some of my CoolTrade automated traders actually by the lows (after they start back up).

    My robotic traders also run in "stealth" mode so no Limit Orders get sent out ahead of time.

    So, while I'm out golfing, you're at home staring at charts and graphs and level II screens, competing with my 6 CoolTrade robotic traders.

    Good Luck, Uncle!


  4. quit making new screen names