When you miss the start of the rally ...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lojze, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. lojze


    When you miss the start of a rally - is then the one and only thing to follow the rule of "don't jump on the train when the train in at full speed" - or is there any detailed answer possible?

  2. prox


    if you miss the first breakout, you get in on the break of the first pullback.

    you can also gauge the potential momentum of the move based on how much it pulls back, if at all.
  3. Lojze,

    What's your personal experience of jumping on a train that has already left the station...that so call train your trying to define...

    are you consistently profitable in chasing rallies or consistently losing when chasing rallies or breakeven and not worth the stress?

    Your answer to the above is the best suited answer for you.

    Any particular recent rallies your talking about?

    In other words...your asking for a possible detailed answer without providing a detailed situation...thus, most replies will most likely be general or philosophical.

    (what's a train to you may not be a train to another...what may be the end of a rally to you...may be a pause to another on a different time interval)

  4. lojze


    I missed today TUNE (at 10:15) and SOHU (at 10:00). Specifically TUNE WAS PREDICTABLE due to 9:24 news at Briefing.

    But I missed it. Actually I noticed it at 10:25, but I was scared to go aboard. Qcharts doesn't offer me kind of alerts which I would like (send an alert when price go up from certain support level). But maybe I just don't know how to quezze the most out of software ...

    Any good suggestion?

  5. Kermit



    Not knowing what you use as your signal to enter long to catch a rally, I probably wouldn’t try to chase it. Wait for your next valid signal to come along and trade that. But, if you want an alternative you might consider jumping in when price breaks out from a pull-back/pause, with a reduced position size and a tighter stop. Just my 2 cents.

  6. there's nothing wrong with getting into a trend after its started - typically its the only time that you can! how often do you actually get the exact top or bottom? you just have to keep it in perspective though, dont 'chase' trends with limit orders, just get it or move on and only enter on true pullbacks to the mean...

  7. bone

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    Then you just 'gotta sell it all the way up.
  8. (1) You've only missed it if it stops...
    (2) Jumping on a train as it slams on the brakes ...can be painfull
    (3) Missed money is better than lost money