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    Fired SEC attorney names "Mr. Mack" in Pequot probe


    Heh alot of news about this lately but it makes you wonder... there's a possibility of some grain of truth in the whole thing...

    From the article:
    "The CEO of Pequot had appeared to have obtained a tip from the CEO of an investment bank," Aguirre said when asked by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee about the probe.

    During the hearing, Aguirre repeatedly identified the suspected source of the tip as "Mr. Mack," a reference to John Mack who served as head of Pequot before joining Morgan Stanley (MS.N: Quote, Profile, Research) as chairman and chief executive officer in June 2005...

    "'Are you going to proceed against Mr. Mack? Because if you proceed against Mr. Mack, we're going to have problems'," Aguirre said, quoting the Morgan Stanley official...

    "Until that point this case was, as I said, supported by everyone. Over the next seven days I saw the investigation come to a grinding halt," Aguirre said.

    O snaps.
  2. Oh boy, we cannot have th truth come out, we better shoot the messenger and stop any further enquiry.

    The poor delusional soul to make such wild and unfounded accusations against a person of such respectable standing and integrity.... No, we cannot employ a person like that...

    v a
  3. Best to simply walk away from such situations.