When you buy online, do you know how you get your stuff?

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  1. http://motherjones.com/rights-stuff/2011/07/ohio-warehouse-temps-unemployment

    Last week, when my ex-girlfriend asked me if I'd ever been in a warehouse before, I shot her the most withering scowl I could muster. "Don't talk to me like I'm fancy-pants," I said as I followed her into the site she manages. "You know I worked for a moving company for five years." But within five minutes, it was clear I had never been in a warehouse like this before.
  2. Having a job like that really has to screw with your head. Getting paid really low at a job that you hate, but at the same time having that overwhelming fear that you could lose that job you hate so much.

    But what can you do? Their lives are in their own hands. On the other side of the coin though, there are people in 3rd world countries working twice the hours for 1/50th the pay in conditions where the boss will physically hit you if you do something wrong. Those people would kill for a "cushy" job like those americans have. :)
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    Im going to take a wild guess that the warehouse is owned by Amazon.com
  4. Just as bad as working in one of the contact centers owned by large companies that do service outsourcing.
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    All those workers are just waiting to be replaced by machines anyhow.. get in your 3000 lb vehicle and go get the stuff yourself and the environmentalists will be all over your case...
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    I dont know how believable this story is...

    Anyone could write a story like this and throw it on the web...