When will YM,ES,NQ,DAX,FTSE stop tracking inversely Crude Oil?

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  1. When will YM,ES,NQ,DAX,FTSE stop tracking inversely Crude Oil?...try this...put up a comparision chart of the YM,ES,NQ,DAX,FTSE vs. CL (Crude Oil)...do it over short or longer term...even if you do a 1 minute for today...they virtually "inversely" track each other...and the CL always leads....CL up, indexes down...CL down, indexes up...when will this end or will it not?...who has traded off of this"every day", "every minute"...inverse relationship?
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    When people stop worrying that oil prices are going to effect the market and the economy.
  3. It really is true, especially right this minute.

    The SPX wants to correct and retrace yesterday's strong move up, but the Crude is just not able to break back up into GREEN . . . It's trying very hard to, but so far no luck as of yet.

    Trading appears to be kind of "thin" on the NYMEX right now, and that doesn't really help either as moves either way are showing no following through...

    The SPX/CL relationship is literally going tick for tick right now.

    You can also see it with the OIH and the rest of the drillers and nat-gas stocks. (Nat-Gas is +0.079 as a type).

    It makes for great "PROXY" trading.
  4. great post...how do you exploit this and profit off of it...please give real examples...thanks
  5. When the Peace is around the world; of course it is never. :D
  6. For example, Sept. crude just sold off 50 cents and the S&P's just rallied nearly 3 handles. You can play that with the futures, the SPY's etc.

    You need to get REAL TIME NYMEX quotes so that you can use them as a "proxy" for trading the oil sector names . . . or inversely trading the S&P.

    DTN will charge you $45 per month to subscribe to their quote feed, and another $30 for the E-Mini NYMEX quotes.

    For $75 per month, you are good to go.
  7. When people like you stop thinking about it and trying to make it a continued mainstream topic.

    Are you going to be making the cover of Business week anytime soon?
  8. Oil crapping out over the last 45 minutes with nat-gas going negative after trading as high as 9.09 earlier on the inventory numbers . . . so here comes the S&P.

    Correlation as strong as ever.

  9. yes, trading the ES off of CL moves = huge profits
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    I am just beginning on the banking sector could you please explain me the meaning of Strop tracking? Thanks in advance.
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