When will we see a rate hike?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by sub0, Oct 7, 2009.

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  2. In about 18 months. Hike rates now and what little housing recovery we have is gone.
  3. We will see it when its too late.
  4. I doubt you'll see a rate hike until the unemployment rate data starts to improve. I'd say a good 12-18 months down the road...just my opinion.
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    good point
  6. If the $ keeps dropping could get a deriviatives blowup and $2000 gold and fed will be forced to raise massively to stop $ from plunging to hell.
  7. A year. Volumes of global trade are rising sharply, and with the dollar down, export activity will be increasing quickly and the effect from that will lift the rest of the economy. Job gains should start to surface by the Spring of next year, and that will give the Fed the cover it needs for a rise.
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    They are really trying to support housing with low interest rates, however its causing problems everywhere else, lets try to support housing with low interest rates but watch commodities climb to unbelievable heights.

    At this moment in time the fed is going to have to come out and raise rates without any kind of scheduled meeting, forget the next fed meeting raise them now.
  9. Soon, US is running out of time, debt will soon blow up.:D
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    Why is this funny to you ?
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