When Will US Bomb Libya?

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When Will US Bomb Libya?

  1. in a few Days

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  2. in a few Weeks

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  3. in a few Months

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  4. Won't Bomb

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  1. i am not fluent at geopolitics so i could be wrong about it. but i did notice that US tends to bomb the crap out of some country once there are internal troubles in that country. if the country is in the middle east the chances of being bombed are really high.
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    Now how in the heck is the US going to start invading a country every time something like this happens, while Russia and China sit by and watch as usual? They are only there to protect the oil supply.
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  4. we have decided that US won't bomb Egypt. now we must decide on Libya!
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    "We" don't make those decisions. The buffoon in chief does.
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    Already happened, April 15, 1986

    Operation El Dorado Canyon
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    Fascinating stuff!

    The United States bombing of Libya (code-named Operation El Dorado Canyon) comprised the joint United States Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps air-strikes against Libya on April 15, 1986. The attack was carried out in response to the 1986 Berlin discotheque bombing.


    Less than two weeks later on April 5, a bomb exploded in a West Berlin disco, La Belle, killing two American servicemen and a Turkish woman and wounding 200 others. The United States claimed to have obtained cable transcripts from Libyan agents in East Germany involved in the attack.

    After several days of diplomatic talks with European and Arab partners, President Ronald Reagan ordered the strike on Libya on April 14. Eighteen F-111F strike aircraft of the 48th Tactical Fighter Wing, flying from RAF Lakenheath supported by four EF-111A Ravens of the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing, from RAF Upper Heyford in England, in conjunction with fifteen A-6, A-7, F/A-18 attack aircraft and EA-6B Prowler Electronic Warfare Aircraft from the aircraft carriers USS Saratoga, USS America and USS Coral Sea on station in the Gulf of Sidra, struck five targets at 02:00 on April 15, with the stated objective that their destruction would send a message and reduce Libya's ability to support and train terrorists. Reagan warned that "if necessary, [they] shall do it again."[3]
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    $20 more and it will be equivalent of Libya declaring war on US
  9. Ben and Mubarak both got their azzes fried on friday. Ghaddafi should be done this Friday, if the trend continues.

    If there is an intervention candidate in an arab country, Libya would be one of them. It has OIL, but dangerous tribes as well.

    PS: this would be consistent with a top on XLE between 78 and 80. I think you asked for the number 80.
  10. The US may have learned from the Iraq experience that what the israel zionist told them about Iraq and Arabs was falsehood. Worse, the opposite of what they were told them turned out to be true.
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