When will US$ become worthless?

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  1. President George W. Bush on Monday requested an additional $46bn for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, setting up another showdown with Congress over war funding.

    If approved, the sum would increase next year's war budget to nearly $200bn and take the cost of the Iraq war alone to more than $600bn.

  2. When the ROW pulls out of this system
  3. have you ever had to listen to a civilian/private sector defense contractor, worse a really young one, brag to you or someone in the vicinity about their wealth? ridiculous stories

    what happened to the 6 billion in cash we lost in iraq, or the trillion the pentagon couldn't account for. seems like the bathtub is sloshing all over the floor... and HAL had the nerve to leave the states. kind of funny really, the extent of the grab that's going on
  4. As long as someone is willing to buy our debt, we must absolutly print as much money as is humanly possible. Exporting inflation is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
  5. "...Since 2004, deficit spending has tumbled by $251 billion, which is one of the most rapid three-year declines in U.S. history. The deficit as a share of the economy is down to 1.2%, or about half the average of the last 50 years. This improvement is especially remarkable given the $150 to $200 billion a year of post-9/11 expenses for homeland security and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan."


    Oh, sorry to interrupt your politics with facts. Please continue foaming at the mouth.
  6. they're called supplementals....bush just just asked for another 49 billion today. they're "off -budget." this is why the total debt keeps rising.

    You have to actually pay attention these days.

  7. Is it time to buy gold?
  8. The supplementals are included in the deficit at the end of the year, when the final number is announced.
  9. what year?