when will they decide on tarp money for big 3 auto's ?

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  1. anyone ?
  2. After the Republicans cover their shorts.

    I'm sure some sort of bailout will occur, just a matter of the Dems and Repub's agreeeing on the language/terms. Bad news if you're long is the bailout has been priced in, it's not going to save a losing trade at this point.
  3. any idea on when announcement will be made if at all ?

    can it happen today ?

  4. What does this have to do with TRADING???
  5. Get a life and stop complaining Landis.
  6. everything.

    at least for today

  7. No clue, Bush has stated that they would step in if needed, but you'd think they would try to let the senate give it a go before they randomly toss money out at GM and Chrysler. I'd bet that they see money from the senate first before seeingn money from TARP. Which isn't neccessarily a bad thing (long term) because at least the senate agreement would have some concessions that the big 3 have to follow before the money is released. TARP money is a blank cheque with no strings, bad news long term if you're an American taxpayer.
  8. oh geez that's funny
  9. C'mon... you should know better.

    A lot of shorts positioned themselves for more downside over the last few days. If we see some sort of auto-bailout, these markets will temporarily surge. Another quick 1000 point pop (and eventual drop) is possible given another "confidence" boost by the treasury.

    Volatility is a gift and this potential bailout will move the market significantly IMO.

  10. Hmmmm...

    Let's see, there is absolutely no confirmed "bail-out" of the automakers as of 11:10AM EST and yet the SPY's just traded all the way back to 87.79 which is a couple of pennies from the "unchanged" level.

    That doesn't seem to "fit" with the logic that you presented in your post above.
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