When will the volatility return?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tenthousandmen, Mar 5, 2012.

When will the volatility return?

  1. 2 weeks from now

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  2. 4 weeks from now

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  3. 6 weeks from now

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  4. 8 weeks from now

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  5. 10 weeks from now (Middle of may)

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  6. This summer

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  7. Next fall, election season

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  1. In terms of time, when will the volatility return? Things have been way to consistent recently, and volatility keeps going down. So, a big move up or down would bring it back. Thoughts?
  2. Never!!:)
  3. In 89 years, the VIX will average 109, spiking to 200 every third day.

    In 389 years, the VIX will be at 1.

    In 1,875 years, the VIX will go above 1,000 and never fall back below.

    Don't worry, give it time.....
  4. kivd


    For the volatility to return there needs to be a big down move, not up.
  5. wrbtrader


    Adapt to the low volatility market condition and the concerns about "when will volatility return" become mute.

  6. Oh dear, another guy that is trying to give out the fake image that he makes money in all markets. And even if you do, don't you understand the simple fact that there is LESS money to be made when markets are NOT volatile, period.
  7. d08


    Not if you increase size for the period.
  8. volatility shouldn't be an issue. The market is still moving enough to make some decent cash.

    ES had some really clean price action today. Granted the afternoon run up didn't net me 15 points like it would have in 2008, I made a solid 3.5 points off the move and I was happy as a pig in sh#t.