When will the red end?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MrDODGE, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. -Futures negative again
    -Dollar falling in value

    Someone huge needs to announce BK so we can set a bottom. Sick of seeing all this red day after day.
  2. YM now 10,974, someone call the PPT
  3. there is always a reason for a 50% decline in stock price.

    there is fundamentally wrong with the business.

    just looking at the price decline in financials.

    when companies start selling it's assets it's because they NEED cash or face cashflow problems or sell the assets because the business is failing and will be worth less or sucking too much cash(losing too much money or not making any money)

  4. IMO, futures don't really matter. We were up over 1% on the futures yesterday but look where we ended up today.
  5. I completely understand the reasons... it would be nice to wake up to a rally that has some follow through one of these days. :D
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    Thats true, dow futures were up 100+ only to end down on the day, aside from that Im watching s&p 1200, might buy for a bounce once the s&p drops to 1200.
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    I haven't traded the ES in the AH recently. Used to be, I could put in a stop and the slippage would be maybe 1 tick...that's it. That was even on days like the night before MLK in the AH.

    I just got stopped out with a 1224.00 stop at 1221.25. On T&S it just drops from 1225 directly to 1221.25. WTF? Anyone have any experience with this. This is the first time I've had ANY slippage in the AH during the last 2 years. Or is this just an indication of how illiquid things have gotten?

    Guess the days of AH trading is over for me.
  8. I hope that I know right answer for this. I think that market will bounce when the financialst bounce. Just monitor the XLF and you probably see "green"

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