When will the QE4 rumors start?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bonds, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. bonds


    Maybe at the 2:00 announcement?

    So as soon as the economy starts to decline will we get another QE? and another after the next decline? When does it end?
  2. pupu


    No need for QE4

    QE3 is a perpetuity. Built to last forever
  3. bonds


    Great never ending QE... does that mean we will never have another recession?
  4. TheMan


    Did we get out of the other one yet?

    This means that we are all fucked, that is what it means.

  5. hedgeman


    I didn't think Ben would disappoint, BUT QE indefinitely? He'd rather destroy the dollar than have another bear market.
  6. bonds


    Of course... havent you seen the great recovery we are having? Look at the stock market... the ultimate indicator of the economy!!

    Doesnt it feel good to see it rising?
  7. An astute observation. I think the reason for never ending is so Gentle Ben can use the tool he has left - (as he said) communicating with the public. Now he can communicate over and over without any tie to reality behind the scenes. He doesn't want to traders to front run his policies but surprise is hard to come by.

    The numbers coming out on the economy seem to be pure fantasy, but for sure, he knows the true economic numbers. For all of us, I sure hope his gambit works.

    Is it kind of an admission that the interest rate gun is empty? (Use up all the remaining ammo in one last flair.) Is the US currency system really too big to fail?
  8. TheMan


    I highly doubt this has any chance of ending well.

    I mean at some point interest rates will have to be raised, which will = disaster.

    The entire thing is pretty much a train-wreck at this point.
  9. Didn't he just say this was the mother of all QE's.....
  10. WS_MJH


    Ben's monetary policy will not make much of a difference with the bad economic policy coming out of DC. But it well help the well off, so maybe that's all Ben cares about until hyperinflation gets going.

    BTW, I lulzed at this thread.
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