When Will The President Honor The Greatest Trader of All Times?

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  1. His name is Muhammad Ali. The greatest of all times. He was a real trader. He specialized in trading punches. He understood trading--even the psychological part of it, which he used to wear down his opponents before and during the matches. His trade management was superb. His entries in the face of his opponents were fast, and powerful. His opponents "could not hit what they could not see". The man was powerful, courageous, smart, quick, witty, respected worldwide, and "kick ass too". For that he deserves to be honored.

    When is the president going to honor him?
  2. Not a fan of Ali,he was a racist and mean spirited piece of shit

    Ali is not the greatest of all times,Ray Robinson is(Ali even says so)

    Ali is not the greatest heavyweight of all times,Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano are
  3. Obama needs to pardon Jack Johnson,John Mccain has been trying to get a President to do that for awhile now

    Johnson was an asshole but he did not deserved to be convicted of breaking the Mann act.Do it Obama !!!
  4. Pound for pound, Manny Pacquiao is the greatest fighter of all time.

    You guys are living in history when you watch his fights.
  5. He's the best today and would beat the shit out of coward boy Floyd but he is not the pound for pound best ever,Top 15 or 20 maybe but not ever imo
  6. Some people could fight, but could not speak (Foreman).

    Some people could fight, but could scare a woman (Frazer).

    Ali could fight, speak, and I would not be surprised if women found him handsome too.

    What was said about Ali's opponents could apply to other guys.

    It is the combination of all sort of attributes, and the excellence in all, that made Ali great.
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    Ali was absolutely brilliant, a true ring general.
  8. Ali took to many hits in his strategy. In trading it would be to many loses. He won for 20 years but will spend the next 40 years as a victim of his strategy.

    His Sharp ratio is negative.
  9. Yes, he was...

    <iframe width="425" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/HqiWFLsgVi4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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    Sadly that is true. The brain sciences are looking closer at football players, too, and it's not looking good.
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