When will the FED step in?

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  1. All these efforts, printing trillions of USD to lower it's value in order for the US economy to regain competitiveness on the international markets...

    It has all proven useless thanks to southern Europe who have offered the old continent's economy and export sector a much needed push in the back by trashing the Euro down hard only to leave US manufacturing industry priced out of the market once more.

    When will Bernanke and the FED intervene?

    Bernanke himself commented he sees no harm in a weakening USD as long as it's slide takes place in an orderly fashion...

    How about a skyrocketing USD? Does he sees any harm in that?
  2. Bernanke is a lying, little weasel. It's OK if most Americans lose buying power of their assets, so long as it's "orderly"?

    The primary beneficiary of a weaker $USD is the Federal government. Of course he's in favor of it.

    Best thing that could happen to the average American citizen is a "skyrocketing $USD".

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  3. Perhaps I would if our government were "less offensive".. :mad: :mad:
  4. i agree but please you went a bit too far. remember we don't know who is looking at the forum. if you are going to use that type of languague can you put an asterix or hash in place of some of the letters. that way it is less obvious.
  5. Oh, Brother. Haven't you figured out yet that ET is not a forum if wimps and wussies? People SHOULD take offense.. they should be MORALLY OUTRAGED!!

    Besides, I don't want to "tone it down". Obama, Bernanke, Pelose, Reid, Frank, Shumer, Andy Stern, Van Jones (and many others).. are all really, REALLY BAD PEOPLE... if you're a freedom loving American, that is.
  6. you see now you are getting it. what you just said is fine and shows you position. calling the head of the usa economy a "*@#sucker is too much.
  7. Actually your own post proves otherwise.
  8. Obviously you've never been in the US military nor spent time on the streets... :D
  9. Obviously you've never been in the US military nor spent time on the streets... :D

    And I'm MUCH more angry than simply calling him/them #$*/SUCKERS!
  10. Lethn


    Calling them c*** suckers is bad but I can happily say F@%# you to anyone I like?

    Yeah, this totally isn't a marketing and advertisement site designed by the very people we're taking the piss out of.

    Censorship is a load of sh%$e people, deal with it.

    this post has been moderated. like i said you can make your point without using that language directly. please try to understand the point being made. there is no need for that language if you really must just exchange one letter for a character. we don't know who looks at the forums anyone can.
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