When will the Dow hit a new high?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bettles, May 6, 2010.

How Long Until DJIA exceeds its April, 2010 high?

  1. Within a couple weeks (By May 21)

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  2. Within a couple months (By July 16)

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  3. Not until autumn

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  4. The 2010 high is already in

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  1. bettles


    With the market down significantly in the past few days, the question that arises naturally is whether it is just a temporary glitch in the ongoing bull market, or the start of a direction change.

    So here is a poll - how soon do you expect the DJIA to exceed its April, 2010 highs?
  2. I think the Greek debt stuff is not that fundamental to the world economy. Greece just isn't that big. Even the rest of the PIGS aren't THAT big.

    I would expect sometime in the autumn. Actually, let me rephrase - if it DOESN'T happen in the autumn, we are in deep shit. We know that the Obama admin will do everything possible to create a rosy picture for the mid-terms. If they can't, well, uh oh.