When will the banks financial weapons of mass destruction detonate?

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    I heard Blackrock warned. Some suggest it´s around 20 times global GDP. And mostly unregulated right?

    Talk about insanity. :rolleyes: If you find yourself in an economic depression you know it was not because of the Coronavirus etc.

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    But the great reset is about climate change :D
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    Excessive spending which we have now will only make inflation much, much worst for most Americans. That $50 billion and counting, we keep sending to Ukraine, with most of it to buy US bombs, missiles, howitzers, javelins, stingers, drones, etc. will go back to the US economy so, how will that not make inflation even worst? Those who are filthy rich, will just pay for whatever they need without a care in the world. Average Americans who have a job, will be squeezed financially, the longer this inflation spike continues. It does not matter your political affiliation, you will be affected like everyone else. It will implode and the stockmarket will fall like a rock at some point. We have gotten pretty small declines so far. The worst is yet to come. Wait for it.
  4. %%
    WELL amazing /temp is changing, summer is heating up.
    Having changed the name old the scam from ''qlobal cooling to global warming '' non of which most anybody bought in to that nonsense.
    Maybe we could find a broadbush name so wide to coVer most anything/LOL:D:D I think the great reset occurs in NOV election, but not a prediction.
    Maybe resets in OCT also\ nickname = 'bear killer''+ Jim Rogers/ top Trader birthday......................................................................
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  5. We live in feudalism, not even the great reset might change that, as long as there is capitalism there is also feudalism.
  6. lol this is "elite trader" ... :banghead::rolleyes:
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    Many times it is lite (no e) trader, less filling intellectually and taste ..... grate on the nerves.
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    Was watching realtor.com . Very weird. In just a few days supply for the most expensive real estate in NY is up a lot. The super rich know something?