when will next M$ OS be available?

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    And how long will you guys OBSERVE the new OS before you buy it?
  2. I looked at it .... While its nice i dont see any reason to switch over to $soft for server or workstations based upon the beta. The Beta's I have seen appear to be of higher quality than past process cycles from $soft but they are really is not anything radically new that would compel us to switch back at this point. $soft would need to radically change their pricing on the OS and all the "add-on" application stack (which is where they really sock it to you on cost) before we would seriously reconsider them, and they would need to change the entire architecture of the interaction of their application stack to the OS - well they have partially done this but not enough.

    In past cycles we always waited until the release, and then we tested fully that build: if it passed our tests we might migrate a server or two for further evaluation - clients(workstations) typically waited until the first major service pack/bugfix

    Linux - we use Fedora Core with some custom management software - still is as good or better. and has all the features and performance we need.
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    Vista is due at end of 2006. If you have a choice, suggest waiting until the release of Service Pack 2.
  4. When do you expect the release of SP2?
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    WinXP came out in 2001 (?). SP2 was mid-2004.
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    Probably just us poor unfortunates whose market packages will only run on Windows....
  7. "Luctor et Emergo"
    This is the symbol of Zeeland in the Netherlands meaning:
    I fight and I will stay on top of it.

    PS: that's what I have been doing for a couple of years now and finally I got completely rid of that misery. Gnome, I sincerely hope you're not going to keep on suffering till 2010.
  8. Actually $soft is reforming the way they build the OS - see todays WSJ article for some details.

    This success means that there will be faster and fewer bugfixes - this idea is partially validated from what I have seen thus far .....

    Still, the quality of our Linux installations is, by our analysis, much higher than $soft. Perhaps their modified approach will narrow the gap ... I will be watching.
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