When will newbs learn

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by rawfist, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. rawfist


    The sheer volume of newbs attracted to indicators must surely be behind the 95% failure rate in trading

    Clowns like Jack Hershey have been using indicators for 50 years and wonder why they are still not profitable

    Price action and money management alone are omnipotent
  3. Manage that bank, F Pretty Boy Hershey.
  4. It does not just end there, it's the amount of people with the desire to predict.

    When will they realize it really does not matter.

    There isn't a day in this board some guy isn't trying to predict the bottom, the next day, a Black Monday, a White Monday, whatever. It's like they got a fixed direction for the next day, a major flaw!

    All kinds of people who really don't have a clue what trading is all about.

  5. kut2k2


    Indicators ARE price action.

    The problem is that most indicators are kludged junk. They bear approximately the same relationship to mathematical analysis that astrology bears to astrophysics, and clueless innumerates wonder why they don't work. :p

    Figuring out the market takes real work. It's not matter of picking up a TA book, randomly flipping the pages, picking out a pretty looking indicator and start raking in profits.
  6. Every trade is a prediction of sorts. It doesn't matter if the methodology is astrology, opinion or TA. Once your bet is down your success is predicated (a derivative of prediction) upon prices moving favorably.

    The entire gig is identifying probabilities and solid risk management. If you think there's a one in a billion chance of the sky falling but someone will give you two billion to one then you've got a trade worth making. Just don't get too loaded up....
  7. It is a desire to believe in something, something that gives hope, that if you study real hard, drink your ovaltine, then you too may be on the road to riches.

    So of course the inexperienced will ALWAYS flock to gurus peddling systems. If that guru is real good... i.e, speaking in codes that seem only to make sense to the select few in the inner circles, a poor sap on the out side will try to belong..... and believe.....

    Its manipulation of others human emotions to gratify ones own self ego.
    Remember the movie “A Christmas Story” when Ralphie eagerly awaits for his Orphan Annie secret decoder ring? Only members of “Radio Orphan Annie’s Secret Society” were able to decode the weekly important message.

    The few luck ones are able to come out of it hurt.... but much wiser.