When will MERRILL and Deutsche Bank release profit warning ?

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  1. So, finally we can continue with this rally and Josef Ackermann demonstrating his VICTORY sign ? :D :D :D

  2. Can't wait for DB to announce an offshore vehicle to unload some "unwanted" risk off the books :D

    Maybe KKR is interested? LMAO
  3. I think KKR is already overloaded with Citibank stuff =>

    KKR and Citigroup are understood to have agreed to form an off-balance-sheet vehicle with about $5bn of equity and $10bn of debt to buy impaired loans, which could include some from Citi’s investment bank. The joint venture brings together the private equity firm responsible for some of the biggest leveraged buyouts in the run-up to the credit crunch and the bank that agreed to finance many of those deals. The vehicle could allow Citi to sell some leveraged buyout debt, which it has underwritten but is struggling to syndicate, as well as other troubled loans.

    What about establishing a new hedge-fund called "Special Vehicle Free Risk Toxic Waste NO-REGULATOR-WILL-HARM-YOU Fund Ltd" located on Cayman Islands ? :D :D :D
  4. I found this picture of KKR and Citibank executives while unloading a bunch of unwanted assets in off-balance-sheet vehicles:


    Can't wait for Deutsche Bank to join them :D
  5. [​IMG]

    Good morning, KKR TOXIC WASTE CENTER, how can I help you today ? Our "menue a la carte" :

    1) LBO debts from Citibank for 97 cents on the Dollar.

    2) LBO debt from Deutsche Bank for 96 cents on the Dollar.

    3) CDO´s from Bear Stearns for 5 cents on the Dollar.

    4) Special purpose vehicle "Special Vehicle Free Risk Toxic Waste NO-REGULATOR-WILL-HARM-YOU Fund Ltd" for only LIBOR + 1000 basispoints
  6. 5) Choose from any of 8 discreet offshore jurisdictions that enable you to "optimize" any tax exposure on your assets


  7. Toxic waste recycling program :


  8. Manni


    Most people will be relieved if Deutsche gets hit for a billion.

    I think most people expect the third quarter to be a write off - if its more than than then it will hit the share price.
  9. I would love Deutsche to be hit for $1bln and then hear Ackermann declare that "peanuts" :D


  10. LOL !!!! Legendary Hilmar Kopper quote ! Learn from your mentor, Josef ! :p :D
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