When will Jack and Spider ante up?

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  1. Instead of sending PM's trying to recruit us to SCT like it is some sort of cult.. how about just posting some live trades or at the very least one of you posting in the P/L thread

    Wouldn't that be an easier way to recruit?

    Is there some reason after all this time you cant do that?
  2. I think it is obvious now that none of them are profitable, they do everything but the only thing that would prove their claims

    I put them right up there with the 100% no risk loons
  3. WD40


    Here ! Here !

    All the ET gurus should ante up.

    The db's Pheonix is dead and has yet to risen up.

    The Prof's Logical system is really illogical.

    T28's SPM is neither Simple, nor Profitable. Furthermore, it is not even a method.

    Let's tell them all to do live trade on ET Chat, together.

    Baron can update the Chat software to show charts, whiteboard, video, etc.

    p.s. we can invite PureTick too. (not that they need the invite, they are online everyday anyway.)
  4. Burn the lot I say :p
  5. qusix


  6. Nope, no live trades there :confused:

    And I hate to point out you also only have 3 posts.. so right back atcha sparky :p
  7. qusix


    2004 vs 2007 ... I just don't post much at all.

    Enjoy your trading day.
  8. Yeah must be a burning issue for you to come out and make your annual post then blow next years quota as well :p
  9. You know what is REALLY SAD? That Trader28 not only has created yet another alias to bash, BUT has a second one in this very thread in some sort of tag team effort. SOOOO lame there Sally.

    Question though, when ARE you going to seek some psychological attention?
  10. Someone has been snorting their handle :p
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