when will inandlong/rlb get the axe?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by blackguard, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. Baron, when are you going to can those two yahoos? I've decided not to post on those two forums and others are doing the same. Baron, don't be stubborn about this, let bygones be bygones and lets move forward.

    I'm still waiting your PM.
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Get the axe for what....?
  3. 1. arrogance

    2. stupidity

    3. idiocy

  4. what would be your exuse then?????
  5. MarkB


    I haven't had much contact with rlb, but the posts of his regarding his moderation skills which I have read indicate someone who is open to learning and critique of his style and methods.

    inandlong seems to me to be intelligent and gracious. When I first came to these boards, he and I were posting in the same thread. When he noticed that I was new here, he took the time to PM me with a greeting and offered the assurance that he would be available to me should I have any questions about the board. Since then, we've had a couple of small dialogs about various threads and posts, and he's impressed me with his skill and knowledge of net related human interaction.

    I think that if the goal is for Baron to consider such a plea sincerely, specific examples of these negative traits shown in their roles as moderators must be offered for his consideration. I also think that communication about this sort of issue should be conducted in private, if the true goal is to improve the board, and not just to cause rlb and inandlong discomfort.
  6. Mvic


    seems like a fine chap to me, plenty of restraint and common sense. Don't know the other one being complained about. Good site Baron, thanks.
  7. I'm glad you axed......

    See the trading forum; you are going to find a pile of reasons over the weeks ahead. I am reviewing some requests made of me and I am going to annotate them by reviewing about 1980 prior posts of the person who is the topic of this thread and who coincidentally is asking me to produce a few specific items. I am going to use a compare and contrast apporach to cover all the bases.
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    If we're lucky, Jack, you won't last that long.
  9. buster


    shut up
  10. you still around these parts little boy? 2500+ clueless posts. Maybe its time you got the axe.
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