When will IB match MBTrading's future commision?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by jetq, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. jetq


    MBTrading offer 4$ on YM and 4.5$ on emini
    any plan to match it on IB?

  2. alanm


    Looks like IB is $1.82 (0.90 + 0.90 + 0.02) per side for YM for unbundled if you don't hold overnight, with no volume requirement. Over 300 contracts per month, it drops $0.20 per side. Over 1000 contracts per month, it drops another $0.25 per side. Save another $0.60-0.80 per side by getting a CBOT membership (I don't remember which one).
  3. You forgot the 0.30 per side clearing fee
  4. JackR


    IB's one way for ECBOT YM
    Unbundled (By volume)

    <=300 $2.12
    <=1K $1.92
    <=10K $1.57
    <=20K $1.37
    > 20K $1.17

    Bundled $2.13

    Seems competitive to me.

  5. alanm


    Thanks - I knew there was something missing, but couldn't see what.
  6. tiger567


    In IB margin account,
    Can I buy OTCBB stock by margin?
    If possible, can I buy $3.1 OTCBB stock by margin ?