When will housing botttom

Discussion in 'Economics' started by watchdaride, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. Want to get into real estate but waiting for the bottom. I live in Orlando where they said last month they had more forclosures than any other month .
    So how can you tell when a bottom is close. I figure you make some formula with

    forclosers per month
    houses on the market listed
    Amount sold for month

    i gues it all comes down to supply ( forclosures, houses on the market) and demand (amount sold per moth) . May be make some sort of graph and when supply and demand line meet that should be the end .

    Any suggestion on how to look at this ?
  2. You might want to wait a year. A buddy of mine just got named Pres. of a local bank. I'll wait a year, then get with him for a rolling line of credit to snatch up all the foreclosures I can eat at one sitting.
    I figger when a couple houses near me in TX are abandoned and the banks can't unload them it'l be time.
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    I would wait until all those punters buying foreclosures now, are foreclosed, mybe even longer.
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    Well the bottom is not going to be a V bottom like in some equity charts. Prices will bounce around for a bit at the bottom, you'll have plenty of time to get in. My guess is mid 2009 before we see any uptick in prices.