when will GRPN options become available?

Discussion in 'Options' started by newguy05, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Is there some kind of rule to new ipos in term of timeline for options, or just all random?

    when will options for groupon start trading?
  2. Usually within 1 month.
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    They have been getting them available a lot sooner these days. Some IPOs have had them trading in about a week. I would just check daily. You know the options MMs will have juicy premiums on this flying pig.
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  5. thanks it will be interesting to see what kind of iv/premium get posted.

    hope this "flying pig" doesnt crash before then...
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  7. LNKD would be a good indicator, even after todays almost 6% decline the OTM puts also lost value.

  8. I don't think so, no earnings for LNKD.
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    you can call the CBOE and ask, and also request contracts

    I like to call myself an alchemist sometimes, because I make derivatives become available for my own interests
  10. is anyone able to short this thing outright? on the IB borrow tool, it shows 0 shares available and unknown borrow rate.
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