When will Globex have Wife/Husband trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bighog, Oct 11, 2008.

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    I am getting itchy again to trade multiple futures cars since CME has gone on a buying binge. Globex now offers a boatload of different cars to trade and yours truly is gonna get in on the action as a new 2009 plan. Been trading ES only last few years and have that puppy down dam well.

    Thinking retire to New Zealand and wanna go out with a bang. :D I am thinking also that the stock mkt is going to be a dog for a couple/few years once this financial blowup is over so am keeping the deck open with more cards to play with. I know commodities and i know when one car slows down another will take up the slack. The 1970's early 1980's in the stock mkt was watching corn grow.

    Modern boys/girls keep their window of opportunity open wide.

    After this financial blowup which started in June of 2007 is over and the stock mkt sits on the toilet and just grunts for so long i will be ringing the register. You guys will do the same if you expand the horizon.

    PS: I am not looking to trade for anyones wife. :D

  2. As long as you understand that the sheep in New Zealand have more brains than the people there and some of them are looking for a good "bang".....be careful for what you are asking for; you might just get it:D

    If it doesn't work out for you there , nationalize, become a Kiwi and then migrate to Bondi, Sydney and join the Dole Army with all the other kiwis...you won't be short of compatriots.:eek:

    I agree with you diversifying from the ES is something that I am also considering and I have a lot of homework to do related to the other commodity markets.