When will Ford go bankrupt?

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    i would expect them to get aquired first or maybe go bancrupt then get aquired.
  2. I predict that by next year at this time the name Ford will be history.

    Maybe cash rich Google should buy them out and call them Google Cars & Trucks..

    The New 2008 Google F-150 Crew Cab :D
  3. The "Googmobile":eek: ?
  4. :cool:

  5. From what I heard they are doing well in Europe.:D :D :D :D
  6. Ford and GM won't disappear. Congress will step in and take over the health and pension plans, which will keep both the corporations and the unions afloat.
  7. Is this based on the idea of a symbolic gesture from the government, to maintain the illusion of domestic manufacturing in the eyes of the public (voters)?
  8. How about those new Saturns from GM.
  9. You asked for it, ford will declare bankruptcy in march 2009.

    There may be a takeover threat in late 2007, but it doesnt improve profitability of the us franchise of ford, and it dwindles to nothing over the next couple of years due to a lifelong commitment to poor quality and squeaky components.
    About 30 years to late, imo

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