When will EurexUS start trading?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by 0008, Feb 6, 2004.

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    And when will we able to trade at it? What products will be available? Will IB offer them?
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    with futures & options on 2, 5, 10 & 30y us bonds. At least that's what's officially said in the German press here...

    After further approval of the CFTC they will launch more products on March 28th.

    Don't know about IB, but I am sure they will keep track!

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  3. Great, Thread #10 about Eurex US ! :p
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    I talked to someone at IB who said IB will be offering EurexUS right from the start on Sunday night. He said they also are offering the BOX options exchange immediately, also. As of this morning, I think? I haven't checked.

    He said the unbundled commissions calculator is taking a little while to get written because they're busy linking to these exchanges.
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    Anyone knows IB margins and symbols?
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    TBX- 30 yr Treasury
    TNL- 10 yr Treasury
    TNM- 5 yr Treasury
    TNS- 2 yr Treasury

    I don't know the margins offhand (and yes aaron, box was on line and available).

  8. The biggest add I see here is that we should finally get a tradable electronic market for options on the US bond market. What a HUGE evolution. The pace of change in the global derivatives markets is exciting.

  9. what are commissions going to be per FCM's?

    is it completely fungible to CBOT bonds / notes?
  10. The electronic market for options on the US bond market has been around since Aug.2000. But the volumn is next to nothing. Eurex is never big on options.

    Since CBOT moved to LIFFE, the 10-year option is still small, only about 5000 contracts a day, compare to 250,000 in the pit. I'd keep the expectation low on EUREX-US, their futures could be big, but options?
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