When will CME ETH micro futures arrive?

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When will ETH micro futures arrive?

  1. Before 2022

  2. Q1 2022

  3. Q2 2022

  4. Q3 2022

  5. Q4 2022

  6. After 2022

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  1. Recent volatility in crypto markets has provided unprecedented opportunities for swing/volatility/combo/spread trading with futures and future options. But I'm priced out of ETHK1 futures (IB maintenance margin: 60%/190%, initial margin 80%/240% [buy long/sell short] , Gain Capital maintenance margin: 51%/51%, initial margin 56%/56% on a 135k contract!) on the CME exchanges.

    For the CME, ETH futures came out in February, micro BRR futures just came out at the beginning of this month, micro CL futures are due in July.

    How long before CME offers a micro ETH contract? Perhaps a contract worth 0.5 ETH (1/100ETHK1).
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  2. MrMuppet


    Unless you're in the US, just go trade options and futures at Deribit. Better exchange, better margining and open 24/7/365.
    Futures contract size is 1$, options 1 ETH
  3. Not an option. In the US
  4. Overnight


    That's what the word "unless" means.

    Today's lesson was brought to you by the letter U.
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  5. maxinger


    It may not happen.

    Just look at micro BTC futures.
    the bid-offer spread is extremely wide.
    it can be 10 to 30 ticks wide!!!

    time for CME to make the tick size coarser.