When will bitcoin hit $20,000?

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrencies' started by Here4money, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Here4money


    Quintupled this year so far....how long until it quadruples once more?
  2. SteveM


    Will never happen. Far easier for something to go from $1250 to $5000 than $5000 to $20000.
  3. Use Metcalfe's Law.

    Bet on 2020 to see 20k with the possibility of 100k.
  4. Palindrome


    Tulip Mania
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  5. Here4money


  6. ET180


    Who the hell knows. Who the hell cares? It's all speculation. Depends on so many factors and anyone can make a cryptocurrency. Main benefit that I can see from bitcoin is that it's supposedly not easily traceable (tax-evasion, way to hide money, government can't seize it, black market uses). That's the value in bitcoin. Otherwise, I'd rather hold something that has physical value such as gold or silver.
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  7. jacky1001


    I think if bitcoin bubble bursts it may lead to another financial crisis, especially many Chinese and Japanese invested heavily into it.
  8. ET180


    If the bubble bursts, I only see it causing a financial crisis for those who have fully invested in it. Otherwise, it's too small still to cause a financial crisis. Last I heard, I thought the total market cap is about the size of Netflix.
  9. jacky1001


    I hope so....but domino effect is a potential problem, it happened many times in Chinese and HK market before due to the use of leverage...if one of their investment failed then they have to liquidate other assets to cover it.....anyway this is just a possibility so dun worry about it
  10. S2007S


    Virtual currency made out of thin air worth more than gold and fiat

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