When will Big Pharma strat announcing the big layoffs?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by wave, Nov 17, 2008.

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    I say start with the legalized drug dealers first (sales team). Too much drug pushing going on by these sales reps. Soon you will see them popping up at the school's nurse office pimping their latest drug for kids.
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    Are they the next bailout?
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    Not exactly news here, but Pharma is going through a lot of changes. They have pretty much peaked in terms of sales force numbers. The days of Pfizer having 100 reps to cover one large city are over.

    It's not just Pfizer either. Pretty much all of the drug companies are thinning their sales forces.

    I've never understood why people hate these companies so much though. They do provide quite a few drugs that have very positive impacts on many lives.
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    People hate them because they use their lobbyists to bribe and then the sales reps bribe the docs with the free donuts and lunches, etc. Shady practices in my opinion. Doctors just keep pushing more drugs on patients while the sales reps are walking in with their bribes. Conflict of interest there in my opinion.

    We have begun the cleansing process on wall street, now it's time to cleanse the rest of the industries. Fair is fair.