When will Ben rescue us?

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  1. The Fed are chartists, they look at the charts on the S&P 500 and Dow and know where support is and will likely come to the rescue at S&P 500 1380, Dow 12500.
    Those are the Maginot lines where no bear gets through alive.

    Only 2% risk here fellows, unlimited upside, we have the Bernanke Put at 1380!
  2. you're back with your useless posts, get a life and stop writing down what your wishes are
  3. The markets are rigged, The Fed is on the bull's side. Remember August when Ben came in on expiration Friday and blew out the bears with the 50 bp discount rate cut?
    How about TAF on the day after the Fed meeting in December in the morning scalping the bear's hide?

    That's 2 times in the last 4 months. I would not want to challenge Bazooka Ben here, he's not afraid of shooting dollars in the bear's faces to get them to capitulate.
  4. Bazooka ben, it sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy...

    to me he is more like some of these unfortunate Apache pilots during the kosovo war...

    if you can't pilot it, don't fly it
  5. Record SP short position by the funds...
    they will shit their stocks all over wall street and clean up in their futures positions...
  6. Looks like Ben's friends are getting long index futures, we could have an intermeeting rate cut announcement at anytime. I'm betting they do a 25 bp cut intermeeting and then cut 50 bp at the Fed meeting at the end of January. Bam bam to the shorts! CPI says that inflation is 2% so they can cut till the cows come home. Woo hah!
  7. it is horsepuckey that you cant short the piss out of this market because the fed will interfere (given)... this aint no stinkin free market...
  8. First there was the Greenspan Put, now you have the Bernanke Put where it is suicide to be short at any time the indices fall by more than a few percent because there will be a rate cut or Fed intervention impending. There really is no risk when the Fed is your backstop. Why would anyone be short under such circumstances except those who are masochists?
  9. Ask yourself this, what good have the previous rate cuts done for the market?
  10. In the short term, the rate cuts have spiked up the market. That's why its suicide to be short ahead of the rate cuts. Better to wait for the rate cuts and have everyone get excited and then short.
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