When were the good ole days on Elitetrader when there was such great trading info?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Port1385, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. I keep hearing from the veterans how there were times when you could learn from real traders and the continuous spam drove them away. However, when I go on the "wayback machine" and view the site in the period of 1999-2003 I see complaints about magna's moderating style, stock pumping and posts about crashes/tops/bottoms...etc etc.

    My observation is that the site was always this way. I think maybe when the site first started, for the first few months there were a small group of guys who were knowledgable about trading. Then when the website got over 100 members thats when the stock pumps and bottom calls took off.

    I dont believe there ever was a time (except the first two months) when the site was ever truly spam-free.
  2. ...and ur point is???
  3. "Welcome to our newest member, Cuntyflut"
  4. LOL

    Yes, the site was much more trading oriented approx. three to five years ago.

    There were more threads about trading (both good and bad, but they were 100% about trading), much more skilled auto traders who gave away a kings ransom of information, more guys who were struggling to make it work and couldn't get over the emotional hump, and whenever a vendor would show up they would get shown the door.

    ... and look at ET now. :eek: