When was TT's DOM first publically shown?

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    does anyone remember when and where TT's MD-Trader was first publically shown?

  2. From the TT website - looks like August 2000

    Trading Technologies Launches MD_TRADER™

    First to Market with Abillity to Trade Instantly From Market Depth
    Unique Software Visually Captures Ebb and Flow of Market

    New York, August 22, 2000 – In an industry first, Trading Technologies (TT), the leading provider of single-point to multi-market electronic trading systems, announced today the launch of MD TRADER™ interface, the only electronic trading tool that enables trading directly from market activity.

    A combination of sophisticated proprietary software and graphics, MD TRADER™ allows customers to anticipate and respond instantly to movements in the marketplace for maximum profit opportunity.

    MD TRADER™ features a unique vertical display of market depth with color-coded bid and offer columns that provide a constant, clear view of market activity. Prices appear in a "static" format so traders can enter bids and offers exactly at price levels they want, in response to market direction and market interest. The design of the system guarantees trade execution at prices clicked on by the user - eliminating millisecond delays that can affect the price at which a trade occurs. The screen can also be automatically reset to track market movement, so that market gaps are constantly visible.

    "MD TRADER™ will have a tremendous impact in the trading community, particularly among proprietary traders who are constantly looking to capitalize on market volatility where trading first and at the desired price is everything," said Gary Kemp, chief executive officer of Trading Technologies. "Our proprietary software visually represents the ebb and flow of the market electronically, virtually eliminating the possibility for missed opportunity and significantly enhancing profitability."

    Harris Brumfield, a former CBOT floor trader and currently a proprietary trader based in Chicago is one of the largest traders in the world, and was instrumental in developing the MD TRADER™ interface. Mr. Brumfield stated: "MD TRADER™ is designed to handle instantaneous trade execution and accommodate huge volumes. I worked closely with the TT development team to create a product that has a direct positive impact on trading profitability. There simply is not a better or faster way to trade!"

    MD TRADER™ is now included within the company's flagship electronic trading product, X_TRADER™. X_TRADER™ currently offers electronic access to CBOT, Eurex, CME, MATIF/MONEP, LIFFE, GARBAN and XETRA from a single screen. TT also plans to provide access to equities markets, including the ISE, INSTINET, ISLAND, NASDAQ and NYSE, in the near future.
  3. Wow !

    I'll pay anything for this ! !

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    must say -- things have fallen quiete in the tt camp. they havent sued anyone lately have they??

    maybe refco are giving them a damn good shoeing for their troubles.
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    Thanks for the quote, but I was looking for other information -- someone who saw it before in sales drone demos, or trade shows, or something .

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    saw it first in May 2000
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    earliest ladder i saw and trded was in 1999 jan/feb.............
    it was a bandwidth exchange .

    also around then was a japanese futures screen trading currency which had been around a year also ack in 1999.

    static and dynamic price was also an issue then, as now.
  9. Cresta,

    Was the Japanese screen a static ladder? Market rumour is that the Osaka and/or Tokyo stock exchange pioneered the static ladder in the eighties. This is not unreasonable as these markets have been soley electronic since their inception.

    Would be interested to hear from Tokyo traders if this is actually true.


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    i never traded it ,but have been informed that it was floating.
    the one i traded was fixed which i wld think is easier to use.

    i think that are both outdated now.
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