when was the last recession?

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  1. z32000


    when did the last recession begin and end?

    and if the stock market can still be going up in a recession, what's the significance of a recession to us traders?
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  3. piezoe


    I will give you my admittedly somewhat slanted view on the most recent recession.

    The most recent recession came in the wake of the dot-com bubble bursting and consequent dive in the market. It was officially over in November of 2001, however unemployment continued to rise, and to many it felt as though we were still in a recession throughout 2002. In the Fall of 2002 and preceding the pre-election 2003 year, Greenspan and the Fed dramatically lowered the already low discount rate of 1.25% to just 0.75%. An unprecedented lowering in recent times considering the recession was officially over and we were already on a path out of recession. One wonders what the impetus for such a dramatic move could possibly have been. This move led ultimately to a large increase in the money supply because it was apparently not offset by Fed asset sales and may have been preceded or accompanied by the Fed trading desk buying bonds, which would exacerbate the effect of such a large rate cut on the money supply.

    In the opinion of many, but not all by any means, this led indirectly to the present subprime crisis by making mortgage money so plentiful that mortgage rates dropped to historical lows.

    Some believe, i am one of them, that Greenspan is a republican (that is fact) and also a zionist, and that the dramatic discount rate move was intended to boost the economy sufficiently ahead of the 2004 election to help an embattled George W. Bush regain the Whitehouse, as it was already an established fact that he and his administration would give Israel a blank check. Had Kerry been elected, on the other hand, it is doubtful that he would have been as accommodating to the Israeli and Zionist lobby. We will never know, of course.

    This is a cynical view of the course of events, but one should not underestimate the power of the Zionist lobby to affect US federal elections. With an election coming up once again, i will not be surprised if the Fed once again reduces rates by more than what could be justified by a dispassionate appraisal of the economic outlook.

    In my personal opinion, a moral recession began when George W. Bush was sworn in as President.
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  5. The last, and only ever recession, was in 1929.

    It will never be allowed to happen again !!
  6. The last genuine recession was '81-'82-ish. The Gummint "worked" the data to show we'd had tiny ones in '90-'91-ish and 2001-ish. (The Powers probably figured they needed to "claim recession" to justify and cover up some greedy action.)

    Since '82, the Fed's Money Pump has been racing ahead in high gear with hardly a breather. The "cost" of that money pump has been higher inflation... much, MUCH higher inflation rates than the Gummint and Fed claim. Chickens are coming home to roost now for the print-money profligacy... which is why the $USD is in the dumper.
  7. That may very well qualify as one of the stupidest comments I have ever read on here. Yeah...that's it...the zionists are taking over America.:eek:
  8. Pie, thanks for the comments.

    "An unprecedented lowering in recent times considering the recession was officially over and we were already on a path out of recession. One wonders what the impetus for such a dramatic move could possibly have been."

    The "impetus" was 911.
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    You have read a bit too much into my comments, even slanted toward a particular point of view as i warned you they were. The zionists are not taking over America, but to deny that they don't influence, or try to, US election outcomes via their money, is, i think, to bury one's head in the sand. I went further to state that i believe Fed policy may have at times been influenced, and it could be only subconsciously, by a desire for a particular election outcome. I made it clear that that was an opinion. That opinion may be "dumb" from your point of view. I don't consider your opinion "dumb," however, just not very well thought out.

    I will go on record again by repeating something I wrote previously in another forum, and that is that i think the idea of an Obama presidency scares the daylights out of American zionists, and should he pull away in the polls i expect to see a reaction accordingly.