when trading emini's: do you prefer to 'short' or 'buy'?

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  1. when trading emini's: do you prefer to 'short' or 'buy'?..if you think about it and look at your trade record...you probably do one more than the other...
  2. Is this a serious question?

    anyone with a bias is dead in the daytrading game...PERIOD.

    Trade what you see happening, DO NOT have a preference.
  3. What kind of question is this? It depends on the market, the setups, the support & resistance etc.

    From an economic stand point I guess I'd always prefer the market went up and the country did well but we always need pullbacks.


  4. Always be willing to swing either way. That way you will never lonely.
  5. I prefer whatever is the opposite trade of your dumbass :)

  6. That might work with the currencies, like CAD. During the last week I have entered 5 paper trades and 2 live trades with a 100% success rate:
    • Buy CAD with 20 tick limit / $200.00.
    • Stop @ 200 ticks / $2000.00.
    • Trades entered about the same time everyday once a day.
    • Risk/Reward ratio 10:1.
    Anyone who trades currencies knows that a 20 tick movement in either direction is almost a sure thing many times a day and this trade is best placed during slow times.
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    it is either

    Short or Long

    Sell or Buy
  8. That is like asking whether people prefer to 'eat' or 'drink'. Get a brain.
  9. no andrew...quite contrary...MANY are focused on shorting the market...that is their speciality...let me know if I can help you in this understanding...thanks!!!
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    You do realize that when you sell e-mini's you don't "short" them, right? Of course you do...
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