When to STOP trading

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  1. today was one of those days...

    started out nice, 4 positive trades in a row.. met my goal right off the bat then the market got all tight ranged and i couldnt really trade it according to my strategy. i should have quit ahead..

    sadly i did not, boredom... nothing else to do? so i kept trading and it wasnt pretty

    how do some of you overcome not trading the market when it's really not in your favor
  2. Fucking.
  3. pismo10


    Turn on the TV to something other than the financial channels. A good movie, something distracting. Go exercise, etc, get away.
  4. change your trade taking to a time based as in one trade at the close of 3:00 PM + pricing points instead of @ only at pricing points.

    1) it'll immediately stop your 23 re-entries at dow 9525 (where there MUST BE SUPPORT!!!! jolly damnit )

    where all 22 will be stopped out because of chop
    1 will give you a profit of 3 ticks
  5. as far as fucking.. going to have to try that sometime

    and i dont watch cnbc during trading.. usually comedy central or movies lol
  6. Nice. What's his name?
  7. Surdo


    Your hand does not count loser.
  8. After fucking, exercise and eating are also pleasurable. Get your eyes off the screen whilst waiting for alerts or signals. Whatever it is, it has to command your attention in a good way until that alert rings. Do NOT work on your 1040 during trading hours!

    I trust you are not a trader who glues his damned eyes to the monitor 8 hours a day...
  9. Aw shit, I left the webcam on again...

    Up $3,100 today, thanks to the slide toward 1PM. :cool:
  10. ah, i try to stay glued to the screen but when there are no setups it makes me coocoo for coco puffs then i want to trade anything that moves.. not good
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