When to Buy Oil/Oil Stocks?

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When to Buy Oil/Oil Stocks?

  1. Any Price - Jump in and Get Rich

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  2. below 100

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  3. below 90

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  4. below 80

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  5. below 70

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  6. Stay Away from Oil

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  1. When to Buy Oil/Oil Stocks?
  2. I stay away from the oil trade. I came close last year to purchasing big only to watch it double. Think I saw it at $110 the other day. Boon Pickens said to short at $105.

    For the record, I would not have ridden it that high and would have been out a lot sooner. I probably would have tried shorting at $90 and got burned.

    It's tricky now. The mentality of going into the "busy driving season" makes you want to think it will go higher. But froma price standpoint, it's inflated to me.

    I don't know....this could be just a commodities "correction" or dip buy. I'm avoiding the trade.
  3. loik


    The market wanted to get to 100, so why short at 90?
  4. If the Peak Oil is real, how high could the oil go? At certain price it will stifle the world economy, which in turn will put the brakes on oil price. At what oil price will the world economy freeze? $200? $300?
  5. may need to add "120" to the poll and it's been only 3 weeks :eek:

    "Boone Pickens, a billionaire energy investor, said he reversed course and adopted a long position on oil, meaning he is betting the price of crude will rise.
    ..."There is only 85 million barrels of oil globally in the market coming a day and I don't think you can increase that 85 million,'' Pickens said."

    is anybody actually Short Oil?
  6. buy low sell high

    sell high and buy low

    price is irrelevant as long as there is a profit involved.

    Happy Trading
  7. Oil is cheap at $3.50/gallon for gasoline. It's cheaper than milk and bottled water!!!!
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