When to buy during the day?

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    Right now with all the volatility, I don't know when the best time to buy a stock during the day is. I swing trade and I have stayed out of the market for the last week. ONe day it is up 100+ points, the next day down 100+ points or so approx. I noticed that around 1pm lately is when things start to take off or down. Am I right?
  2. Buy at the open, or better yet before the open, pre-hours; sell before the close.
  3. when swing trading, i've found on average, around 11:00-11:30 ti be the worst time to trade. FOr some reason, im always getting a bad entry point during that time.

    My 2 cents though. Most might disagree, but for my system, it generally holds true.
  4. It doesn't matter as long as you sell at a higher price than you paid.
  5. I've heard buying at the lows spoken highly of.
  6. The first 2 and last 2hrs of the day seem to be the best.
  7. yeah, between 11-1:00 are bad times to buy..thats when most traders are at lunch ..thats a fact..
  8. There are no "good times" to buy. Lunch sometimes can be a good time to buy because it is usually counter-trend. If the stock was rising in the morning you can sometimes pick it up a little cheaper during lunch, but looking for time periods to buy instead of intraday price action of the individual stock is a mistake.
  9. I tracked this guy, most all of his sell signals, hence his sells were between 11-1. He never bought during this time.
  10. When I swing trade, I often close positions between 09:30 and 09:45 if the stock has gapped up or down and hit my target, particularly if it looks like an overreaction.
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