When things go bad...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Klamath, Nov 19, 2007.

When things go bad...

  1. Don't marry your losers

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  2. It ain't a loser until you sell

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  1. Klamath


  2. You re-evalaute your positions. Sell out of losing sectors such as retail, healthcare, pharma and banking and load up on winning unafected sectors such as tech, energy, construction, comodities that have been beaten down for no good reason.
  3. Donkell


    Your poll is confusing to me. For me it depends on the stock and time frame.

    I lost money on HLYS by holding on but it could have been worse.
    I bought in Aug around 12 when it fell from above 20. Held it until late Oct when it bounced above 10 and then started to fall again. I dumped it losing a few thousand. If I had held it instead of taking the loss as it fell back into the high 9's.

    Yesterday I took a 1K shares of GCO at 30. I then fell to the low 29's I held until it popped above 30.94 around 9.00 am which is where I sold. It closed at 29.98

    Like I said, it all depends on a lot of factors. The two options make your poll very limited.

  4. simple-NEVER over trade in a bad market. you will never keep your gains. profits should/must be taken quickly and traders should turn off all computers.
  5. When things go bad...

    ... I follow my system.
  6. Been quite some time since I experienced any real "bad" in trading. If you have a successful trading methodology and you exert the right discipline to follow it, you shouldnt experience bad, well....unless your computer freezes or the power goes out or something like that.
  7. IluvVol


    Lol, quite the opposite from what I think you should do which is

    a) be greedy about a winning position and hang on to it
    b) cut losses very early dont get married to them.

    This has always served me very well in my position trades. I cant speak for day trades as I dont day trade.
  8. ElCubano


    fantastic advise.......
  9. You buy goog, rimm,bidu, appl, ma gs, fxi, ewz,