When the thrill of trading is gone

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  1. what a f*ing manic!!!

    that is really cool thanks
  2. I'm an aerodynamicist and I can't believe what I just saw.:confused: Amazing.
  3. mokwit


    Can you imagine what the people in cars at the hairpin bend thought when that winged 'thing' just came hurtling across their field of view. You'd think you were seeing things.

  4. prelude to death? cool to watch tho :cool:

    reminds me of that base jumper who went off bridge but chute didnt open..splat!....no thanks lol
  5. one thing for sure,

    one false move and the last thing to go thru your mind will be your butthole.....
  6. mokwit


    To me it looks like the ability to steer is limited and there is/was a real risk of crashing into the mountainside - looked like he was flying pretty close at times.
  7. Saw this in "Seven Sunny Days" the ski movie. Unbelievable!!
  8. Can you say.."Ranger Insertion" :eek:

    That looks frickin AWESOME!!! :cool:
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