When the planes hit the world trade center

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  1. Hi, Little Joey here and after eating hot dogs at my uncles outdoor BBQ for labor day i got to thinking about somehing i heard said at the BBQ.

    A drunk aunt of mine said at the BBQ that no bodies were recoverd from when the airplane hit the world trade center towers...is that true? She told me I was to young and stupid to know and she went on to say no bodies becuase they all went llike 'poof' due to the collapse of the towers..

    BUT what about the bodies that were in the plane that fell to the ground? ..Only the front of the plane went into the tower...isn't that right? and then the rest of the plane fell to the street below so how come no passenger bodies ended up on the street below?

    Or is my drunken aunt realy smart and right about all bodies just went 'poof"

    Help me understand please
  2. i wish some body could offer some help about this what my aunt told me.
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