When the Euro was weak, europeans blamed the USA, now that it is strong, the same...

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  1. When the Euro was weak, just after its debut, europeans blamed the USA.

    Now that it is strong, they blame the USA for their troubled economies.

    Please don't get into politics, my point is that europe provides a constant flux of antiamerican speech.

    You must keep an impartial judgement.
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    And I work for a large company that is always demonized as well. This comes from a combination of jealousy or inability to deal with their own problems. It is always better to blame someone else than yourself. I see this with traders as well. It was slippage, it was a bad fill, it was those brokers that are out to get me. It is always someone elses fault. They would be far better off to expend that same energy used to blame someone else to make improvements in themselves.
  3. I wouldn't pay much attention to those pink shirt and yellow tie wearing, tri-lingual, bisexual, sheep milk cheese eating mummy's boys.

    I'm an Australian of European background and even I hate Europeans!
  4. LOL!

  5. Troubled economies? Care to explain?
  6. I think antiamericanism is used to build a European identity. The same thing has been going on in Norway for quite some time, making fun of the bigger brother Sweden. Sadly enough the theme here is shifting towards more antiamericanism.
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    If I were a European right now, I'd take all my vacations in America, it's as cheap as it ever has been for them. Conversly, I'm waiting until I make more money or the US dollar strengthens before I go back to Europe. I went in 2001 and probably spent 1.5k over the course of a month of travel.
  8. aren't you a bunch of frustrated americans.... :))



    Don't make me laugh you pompous American, it's YOU who are both arrogant to and ignorant of other nations in this world. Americans are the new fascists in the making. It's you who are spreading your military might across the world pretending that is it there to protect, it does look more like a spider making its web and the only purpose of the web is to entrap, not to protect. A web's main objective is to protect the one in control of it. Trouble with you Americans is that you are extremely gullible and your government always manages to manipulate you twisting your patriotic senses by putting on a spin in front of you and you munch it up with great ability.

    Understand how this world really works, abandon your morals and profit from it.
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    Never tasted sheep milk cheese (pecorino)? You should, it's deeelicious!
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