When stop loss doesn't trigger and price improves:)

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    So my 35.70 stop loss did not trigger on ARMK. On 18/7 it did briefly nudge below that to 35.67 at start of day, then shot back up. At this point it remains above my stop loss. My question is why my position was not closed by IB? Obviously I'm perfectly fine (and HAPPY) it was not closed on this occasion - because price improved for me after that. It's currently low again today - as I type this it's at 35.82. Arguably I should get out now at market. But that's not the point.

    I though if it was only a brief spike down under the stop loss that it would still sell even if price went back up?

    Is there some IB programming that protects against quick dips like this? I thought it would still sell at market as soon as it could do so, even if price went back up so quickly my shares could not be sold in time?

    My stop loss set up looks okay, as far as I can see.

    Like I said, on this occasion it's all good as the result worked in my favour, but want to be sure precisely how the system works:)
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    Stupid question, but, how do you see that the stock traded at 35.67 (below your stop)?
    I assume that you had a sell stop loss.
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    I could see it in the low of the lowest candle on IB for the date - and also checked it on a separate website (Yahoo) before I wrote all that to be sure.

    Yes, a sell stop loss.
  4. Technical glitch maybe?
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    lol could be that simple.
  6. %%
    Sounds like your data may have a small error;
    anyway, IB price improvement worked well LOL.My data shows daily low of $35.75, today; its going up. Unless i got in real late, i like a 50dma or 200dma stop..........- but that's me. NOT a prediction, not long TSLA.:cool::cool:, :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
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    No error in my data, as such... remember I'm talking of the Thursday low, not Friday (sorry I think you're aware of that, but to be clear). I'm unsure if that 35.67 low could represent something outside regular trading hours or some other unorthodox transfer - that's why I checked it out on Yahoo also to confirm. (I would not have thought Yahoo would show anything outside normal trading hours as the day's low.)

    I would not have thought that stock would be so low volume that a price below my stop would have any issue being actioned by the system.
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    Why can't you pull up a 1 or 5 minute chart showing both sessions RTH and AH?
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    Good idea - Yahoo shows Thursday low 35.67 at 9:32am, but it was a huge wickless green candle (looking at 1 minute interval chart), with extremely low volume. The candle ended at well over stop loss at 35.81 (also the candle's high). So actual shares traded at below my stop loss likely even much smaller again than even the low volume on that candle would suggest.
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    The default stop trigger condition if I remember correct is two asks below stop for a long. It's not simply the last, although you can customize it to be. This is what you seem to want.
    Your stop never triggered, so obviously your position was not closed.
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