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  1. it should be no surprise i am against moderating LIFE. i recently made a post about mrmarket and all LIFE was sucked out of it and it was turned into the most boring post i have ever seen on ET.

    that said, if moderating must take place, can we at least do what amazon.com does, or something like it?

    for example, if you review a book on amazon.com and put: "this book ####ing sucks."

    they will change it to: "this book [is bad]."

    then you know that the text has been edited by some type of moderator.

    when my post got edited today, there was nothing at all that indicated it was edited. it made me look bad! :mad:

    AT THE VERY LEAST, maybe at the bottom of the post it should say something like, "this post edited by x at x date and time" like many web sites do.

    FRuiTY "free speech" PeBBLe
  2. Baron

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    If you wrote your post in a way that complied with the rules here, this whole thread would be pointless.
  3. what can i say...i'm a rebel.

    FRuiTY P.
  4. With or without a cause? :cool:

  5. a rebel rouser you are you rascal :D
  6. let me think about that one.. :-/

    FRuiTY P.
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    Go, Baron!